& Inclusion

At Nest, we have a collaborative culture. Everyone is welcomed and valued regardless of their background and experiences, and as an individual in their own right. 

Diversity is not only acknowledged and respected
but also celebrated, encouraged and promoted.

Nest’s commitment to
diversity and inclusion

Nest has a Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee that meets regularly with the goal of promoting diversity, designing a more inclusive workplace and making a positive impact in our local community. 

This committee is tasked with making quarterly progress across four key areas:


Provide relevant training at all levels and raise awareness on important cultural topics


Revise current policies and processes to ensure fairness and transparency

Community Engagment

Make a positive impact in our community through volunteering and support of local organisations


Cultivate a culture of mutual respect and instil a sense of responsibility across the agency to promote and celebrate diversity

Nest supports Pride

Nest actively supports LGBTQ+ rights. This Pride Month, we educated the company throughout the month on LGBTQ+ history, terminology and history. We invited Laila El-Metoui to hold on session on understanding LGBTIQA+ people better & how to be a better ally. We raised donations for the Mosaic Trust by selling some stunning cocktails and we invited the fabulous Dixie Normous to host a quiz and bingo for us. We also donated money to MermaidsStonewall and It Gets Better.

Mental health is important to us

Nest provides counselling for our employees and our sick pay policy includes support for mental health. This Mental Health Awareness Week, we baked cakes in order to money for Mind Camden and held yoga sessions for staff. We also revised our Nest Values to include prioritising downtime and reviewed our policies.

Nest supports Black History Month

This Black History Month, we educated the company about the history of the event, what it’s like being black in the workplace, black creatives and their contributions to art and culture, and how we can take action against systemic racism as individuals. We also invited a speaker to discuss experiences of being black in the workplace. The company celebrated with a Black History Month social including in-depth spotlights, quizzes, partners from black-owned businesses and, of course, delicious food.

International Women’s Day

Nest supports women’s rights and endeavours to promote women to leadership roles within the company. This International Women’s Day, we invited the wonderful Arianne Donoghue (Programme Director at our partner social enterprise WYK Digital) to speak to us today about challenging biases. We also offered all our employees the chance to order a book of their choice from Rare Birds – a female-owned book store whose mission is to champion female authors, dedicated entirely to women’s writing.