Drapers: ‘Four performance strategy tips from Nest Commerce’

Drapers recently published the learnings of our COO Chris Howard talk at Drapers Future of Fashion event in London. Here is an extract:

“Community is at the heart of growth with brands,” Howard told the audience. His first role was at eBay, where he learned the importance of community for pureplay businesses.

Nest Commerce works with Adanola, and Howard noted that from a performance marketing perspective, the business was “unafraid to try new things and innovate, with the perspective that not everything is going to work”. He also stressed the impact offline face-to-face connections can have for a digital-first business – something Adanola does consistently.

He spoke about fellow clients Nadine Merabi and Goose & Gander, which have also had success with offline activations: “We find it is really important for customers to get closer to the product, and create a human connection between consumers and brands. Making consumers feel like they understand the ethos of the businesses they’re buying from, through physical stores or one off events, can be really important ways to drive the next phase of growth.”

While Howard stated that Google and Meta are undeniably “performance marketing powerhouses”, he reflected that other platforms are becoming ripe with opportunity for retailers. He has seen a huge rise in the success of Pinterest with his clients – something he would have been “sceptical” about 12 months ago. He revealed that some of Nest’s clients have had more success on the platform than on TikTok, which he believes is down to Pinterest “finally getting [its] ad platform set-up correct, with the right tracking mechanisms in place” so brands can better understand their ROI (return on investment).

Read more in the full article or in the July digital edition of the magazine.

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