Performance Marketing World: ‘Reels outperforms TikTok as Meta’s full funnel resurgence continues’

Performance Marketing World recently reported on Nest’s ad trends data in their article: ‘Reels ‘outperforms TikTok for conversion rates’ as Meta’s full funnel resurgence continues’.

“In Q4, supporting sophisticated full-funnel strategies on Meta was the performance of Reels, with click-through rates up by 71% YoY and conversions improving 45% YoY. In terms of performance, the report believes that Reels is now powering ahead of TikTok. Conversion rates on both Reels and TikTok are high, but increased adoption means that Reels now has a 39% higher conversion rate than TikTok ads,” the publication reported.

Find out more in the Performance Marketing World feature and read Nest’s full report here.

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