WARC: ‘The rise of full-funnel: Why brand-building is back’

WARC recently recently published an article from Nest co-founder and CCO Luke Jonas: ‘The rise of full-funnel: Why brand-building is back’.

“For decades, brand marketing dominated the advertising landscape. Businesses built recognition and trust through cultural relevance, clever advertising, catchy slogans and memorable logos. However, the rise of internet advertising created a paradigm shift and the birth of performance marketing.

“With more data at their fingertips than ever before, marketers became obsessed with counting things online and driving immediate conversions. But the tide is turning again. In today’s digital landscape, faced with a series of headwinds, purely performance-driven strategies, once commonplace, are becoming increasingly redundant. So what is the solution?

“Step forward Full-Funnel Performance, a new approach that blends brand awareness with performance marketing for long-term success. Mastering FFP will be the key to winning the brand-driven future of digital marketing.

“Nest recently revealed the findings in its latest Readout report, analysing global data from over £100M in ad spend across 40-plus ecommerce brands. This revealed that investment in awareness and traffic activity had increased year on year by 356% and 30% respectively, with brands shifting budgets towards driving long-term growth and incrementality,” Jonas explained.

Read more in the full article.

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