Need ad frame inspiration for Meta this Q4? These 6 approaches deliver results

As we enter into peak season, it’s crucial that you have the best ad creative in place to drive results – and a key aspect of this is the use of dynamic ad frames.

From key messaging to creative inspiration, here are 6 approaches that deliver results for our clients, as well as examples each featuring ad frames that the team at Nest Studio produced for our client WatchShop.

1. Tackle blockers to purchase:

By using the frame to highlight benefits such as flexible payment options, free delivery and customer reviews, you can help to tackle things that may prevent customers from purchasing – which in turn boosts CVR. 

In these ad frames, we leveraged ‘Klarna available’ and ‘Trustpilot review’ messaging to encourage conversions:

2. Push sale/offers:

Frames are great for emphasising sale offers and incentives to encourage purchases. Using bold colours and designs will help your offer to stand out more in the feed and set your ads apart from similar brands, particularly during peak periods when this is especially important.

Here are great examples of sale ad frames that stand out well in the feed:

3. Leverage your USPs:

Leveraging USPs in creative can help boost key metrics. For example, data from Nest shows that ‘sustainability’ messaging can improve CVR, while USPs like ‘quality’ can drive stronger AOV. You should test your key USPs within frames to see what resonates with your audience the most.

Here is an example of an ad frame where we leveraged an ‘exclusivity’ USP:

4. Use seasonal designs:

Keeping your designs seasonally relevant can boost engagement and help to drive home themes such as gifting which are important during peak. 

These are great examples of winter sales frames:

5. Stand out in the feed:

Experiment with shapes, styles and colours to identify what engages your audience. Using images and prints can also help to tie these designs in with your products and brand, as well as key events throughout Q4.

These Black Friday frames stand out well, which is especially important during the competitive peak season:

6. Limited creative resources?

If you are unable to produce frames like the examples above, you can always leverage catalogue information and branding to make your DPAs more impactful.

These ad frames leverage catalogue information to show discounted watches using live data:

Need help with your creative – or want to discuss paid social ads with one of our creative experts? Get in touch here.

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