Advertisers must wrestle back control from Meta’s algorithm

Meta Algorithm Advertising

Feed-based prospecting, which powers DABA and ASC, is a powerful solution to some of the challenges with Meta’s platform – but it has drawbacks.

For one, its algorithm is built to support 13M+ advertisers. It has to be blunt.

Leaning into Meta’s algorithm will drive sales. The problem is, the algorithm decides which sales.

In particular, it likes to do two things: push products that are already selling well, and sell your cheapest products to increase conversions.

This improves performance metrics but is not necessarily the best return on investment. There are strategic challenges, also. What if you want to push a new product or grow basket sizes?

Instead of ceding power to platforms, and trusting that they will deliver results for you, there are measures brands can take to ensure the algorithm isn’t in control of what you are selling.

Progressive advertisers must adapt to algorithmic advertising and adopt new solutions that provide greater influence over brand and merchandising.

It’s time for brands to reclaim their strategic advantage.

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