Christmas: Crunch time for the UK’s overcrowded ecommerce market

Christmas: Crunch time for the UK’s overcrowded ecommerce market
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Ecommerce businesses advertising on Facebook are set for the most competitive holiday season on record.

The arrival of wholesale brands to the ecommerce market, oversupply of stock, and increased dependence on online channels will all contribute to record-high advertising costs on Facebook and other social channels.

Our team has spent the past month examining what’s likely to happen on Facebook this holiday season, and how ecommerce advertisers can prepare themselves for what’s to come.

Our white paper is the culmination of those efforts.

What should ecommerce businesses prepare for this Black Friday and Christmas?

Q4 is many months in the planning for ecommerce advertisers. With its blockbuster mega sales events and the Christmas shopping period – the holiday period can make or break an entire year in just six weeks.

However, businesses need to start preparing now to ensure their approach to performance marketing is rigorously set up.

We expect that ecommerce advertisers that have optimised their strategies for the challenges COVID-19 poses will do well, while those who aren’t will have a disastrous selling period as their biggest sales channel becomes prohibitively expensive.

And with many retailers experiencing reduced sales throughout the year, they’ll be looking to 2020 to shift stock.

These changes make the whole market far more competitive than in previous years.

Larger companies and ecommerce companies at the cutting edge of Facebook advertising will be able to outlast this period, however, less advanced advertisers are more likely to struggle.

Read more about what ecommerce companies should expect this holiday season, and the strategies they should introduce to stay competitive in the white paper.

Facebook strategies to prepare for this Black Friday and Christmas

Not every advertiser will be prepared for the high advertising costs and increased competition on Facebook this Q4.

In our white paper, we take you through the different strategies you should plan in case of different conditions on Facebook.

From creative through to ad account structure, the white paper touches on the focus areas that will make your campaigns successful.

  • Where to start planning for Q4
  • Test and learn from your Q3 results
  • Structure your accounts for growth
  • Go global to maximise opportunities

Find out more in our white paper:

Download the white paper

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