My experience with Nest Academy

I’m Ruby, a Performance Marketing Executive at Nest, who joined as part of Nest Academy in spring 2021. I can’t recommend Nest Academy enough as an exciting start to your career.

I find my current role incredibly interesting and engaging, and I feel it has the perfect mix of creativity and analytics. Recently, I’ve loved working with fashion clients, preparing creative strategies for monthly collection launches. I found the Nest Academy role on GradBay after going through some frustrating interactions with other graduate recruiters and ridiculously drawn-out application processes for big companies.

It was Nest’s clients that caught my eye initially, brands like Depop, ME+EM and Wild, which were growing quickly with a strong digital presence. I started remotely in May 2021, which I feel had both its pros and cons; in an office setting there’s always someone nearby to ask a quick question. Having said that, you grow in confidence and ability quickly, and before you know it you’ll be building campaigns and making budget shifts. By 3 months in you’ll have built a solid foundation in paid social.

Recently, my favourite part of the role has been planning and designing creative. I look for inspiration everywhere, whether I’m on my phone or out and about, and the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my ideas through to completion. A significant portion of my time is spent briefing my own ideas to Nest Studio, our team of designers, and I’ve worked hard to build my client’s trust, which has allowed the team to get creative and push boundaries.

Sometimes, I find myself on calls with creative directors twice my age or I’m giving my opinion on an ad made by an experienced designer, and I can’t quite believe the expertise I’ve gained and the decisions I’m now a part of. At Nest, I’ve gained paid social expertise but I’ve also built great relationships with colleagues, particularly the rest of the Academy group, and I really feel I’m working with like-minded motivated people.

I’d really recommend Nest Academy to somebody who wants to start a career in digital marketing; it’s been the right place for me. Nest’s fashion focus suits me personally, as I get the greatest enjoyment from creating ads for fashion clients, and, as a result, that’s where I can see my career continuing. Who knows what I’ll end up doing, probably a type of advertising yet to exist.

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