Nest State of the Market Q&A with TikTok’s Dave Morrissey

“There’s no denying it we’re in recessionary times, particularly in the UK, and that brings opportunities and challenges depending on your mindset.

If you have a positive, pragmatic mindset and your brand is customer-focused, you can succeed. Consumer confidence remains high in the US. People are still buying in Canada and Australia, and there are pockets of value in the UK market too.

If you have a great product and you match the customer where they are, you’re still going to have a good time – especially with other brands pulling back.”

Dave Morrissey, Vertical Manager – eComm & Retail at TikTok

Watch our webinar with TikTok’s Dave Morrissey, Pivotal’s Hannah Craik, Fospha’s Jamie Bolton and Nest’s Luke Jonas, as they answer: “Will investing in TikTok ads pay off for brands this Black Friday?”

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