Nest State of the Market: Q&A with Nest client Adanola’s Lily Thistlewood

“New brands that are prospecting and going after new audiences need to be realistic. Even if an audience is desperate for a product like yours, it’s highly unlikely that they will convert the first time they are exposed to a new brand. As high as the buying intent may be, you still need to build and work on brand awareness before you are able to convert them.

That said, this is very hard for brands to evaluate, and therefore to know how much to invest in their creative and advertising, and how to measure this. The solution is to broaden your whole attribution window beyond seven days, to month-on-month, quarter-on-quarter, year-on-year.

Plus you can’t look at one platform in isolation. You may have dropped in a gorgeous video to the right audience. It may not be the right type of time for conversion, but you might get a percentage of email subscribers off the back of that. You were then retargeting over the coming months who eventually did convert. If you reverse engineer the cost to serve that original video, versus the cost of sending the email that got them to convert. That’s a really profitable strategy, but you’re not going to be able to detect that from those seven days.”

Lily Thistlewood, Head of Performance Marketing at Nest client Adanola

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