Nest State of the Market: Q&A with Zayn Goddard

“For some organisations, brand acts as a North Star. It’s a really helpful way for them to make decisions when it comes to things like their product, their marketing strategy and their customer experience.

I think if the purpose of advertising, in simplistic terms, is about making you famous, then brand strategy is about defining what you become famous for. It should give substance to your message and advertising, it should kind of make your advertising more productive by being really clear about what the message is, and creating a message that really resonates with your customers.

The other side of the equation, which is also related to making your advertising more productive, is the more stylistic side of brands. The creative assets that make up a brand, the logo, the typography, the colours, the symbols, the slogans. And the point of that is to make your brand a lot more recognisable, to make it much more sticky, so that it sticks in your brain for longer, and ultimately works to make your advertising more effective – and to help you, as a brand, become more famous.”

Zayn Goddard, Co-Founder at Cutler+Goddard

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