Nest State of the Market: Q&A with Natasha Billing on scaling the US ecommerce market

“Before entering the US, you should do whatever you can to understand your market and the way in which your proposition sits alongside that of the competition so that you know exactly where you want to play and where those opportunities are. And be quite structured around the tests that you want to build. Be that regional test, for example, or the desire to own a specific audience or customer segment.

Physical retail is essential for brand building, much more so than other categories. There needs to be some kind of physical retail experience, be that a pop-up, for example, it doesn’t necessarily need to be an always-on physical retail investment, but some sort of physical touch point around a very specific local where you’re starting to see a centre of gravity around customer acquisition.

Keep in mind that there is a learned expectation and behaviour that customers have around the quality and the speed of delivery proposition also.”

Natasha Billing, Brand & Marketing Director and Independent Marketing Consultant (ex-, NA-KD, ASOS)

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