Paid social creative has been drawing oxygen from tactics, not strategy

In a nascent market, great tactics can lead to initial wins. Focusing on conversion-led, bottom-of-funnel creative may drive an immediate ROI – but it’s not producing long-term value for your brand.

In a maturing market, strategy becomes the value driver.

Paid social creative needs to become sophisticated. Moving upstream, becoming joined up with the broader organisation’s goals (both commercial and brand), and embedded as a critical performance component, is key to this.

This shared vision should be the north star for your creative teams, resulting in a nuanced approach to creative.

Additionally, your creative strategy must be deeply relevant to your audience, sensitive to platform considerations, and have performance at its heart.

Drawing on aggregated data from our creative strategy clients, after just 3 months of implementing our creative strategy methodology, average ROAS was 39% higher and CPA was 31% lower.

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