Peak planning report: Ensure your brand peaks on Meta

Meta’s Brock Street office in London recently played host to an event that brought together 50 of the UK’s leading retailers, including attendees from AllSaints, COS, River Island and Urban Outfitters, to discuss and share insights on navigating Q4 2024. 

Organised by Nest, the event aimed to equip businesses with actionable strategies to optimise their Meta performance during this key trading season. Specifically, the programme featured a mix of presentations and interactive workshops, all centred around the theme ‘Planning for Peak’.

This Nest guide contains the key insights gained from the brands at the event and is designed to help you enhance your all-important Q4 strategy:

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Q4 is make or break

Q4 is the most important period of the retail calendar. It is the most competitive time of year and often determines whether a retailer hits their annual targets or falls short. Getting Q4 right, therefore, is critical. 

Rushed experiments during the peak season can lead
to missed opportunities and reduced performance.
Therefore, brands need to decide on their experiments,
plan them, and secure buy-in well ahead of time so they
are ready to deploy over the summer.

To cut above the noise and maximise returns during this period, brands need to start planning, testing and validating their strategies months in advance. The biggest mistake brands can make is leaving things too late.

Challenges around Planning and Testing were just two areas highlighted during the Q4 planning workshops

Exploring the cornerstones of a successful Q4 strategy

By the time you reach Q4, your strategy must be precise, relevant, informed, and proven to maximise yield during the peak ecommerce revenue period.

Don’t wait until the end of summer. Find unique insights to help your brand to nail the build up to peak with our report:

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