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TikTok Overhauls Available Ad Formats In The Platform's Commerce Keynote Speech - Nest Commerce

TikTok overhauls available ad formats in the platform’s commerce keynote speech

The biggest shift for advertising on TikTok in Q3 came during the platform’s commerce keynote speech, where the platform announced an overhaul of its current formats, with video shopping ads launching to replace various previous formats.

This is TikTok refining and streamlining its ecommerce offering, with more integrated dynamic and catalogue features, which should also help advertisers manage creative volume.

Creative is becoming more polished

Although typical TikTok creative remains more authentic and unfiltered than other platforms, we are seeing both paid and organic content become more polished, as creators and advertisers better understand TikTok’s editing tools.

The platform’s editing offering has also evolved, with stickers, polls and countdowns among new options available.

New ad formats from TikTok

A newly popular ad style we have seen emerge is the use of comments as stickers on ads, as a direct way to answer a question in the video or demonstrate how to use a product.

This is what TikTok is all about, brands interacting with their customers and building communities.

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