Workshop: Creative that converts – a paid social masterclass

Workshop: Creative that converts – a paid social masterclass

How can you achieve creative success on paid social? Ecommerce marketers explored strategies at Nest’s ‘Creative that converts: paid social masterclass’ workshop. Here are three key approaches:

1. Build a framework for creative testing

Having the right framework to assess the quality of an ad is key before you start.

Some brands test too much – and it’s a huge mistake not to test at all. The best approach to testing is to have a clear question that you want to answer before you start so it’s quick and easy to gather insight.

Then you can repeat the process to iteratively improve results.

2. Manage creative fatigue proactively – build a conveyor belt

Even the best ads run out of juice. That’s why you need to start work on your next ad before this happens – otherwise, you will be wasting resources on an ad that is no longer performing.

It not only prevents fatigue but enables testing to unlock new creative opportunities, especially if managed alongside your testing framework so you are learning from your current ad as you create your next one.

3. Feed the algorithm – use all the tools in your creative arsenal

When it comes to ad creative, the format itself is a performance element. Whether that is video, static or dynamic formats on Meta – or spark ads or carousels on TikTok – there is a benefit to using all the different tools in the creative arsenal.

Despite the obvious differences between each format, the general idea is the same. You should feature your brand prominently, ensure it stands out with engaging visuals, and have a clear CTA to drive action.

Creative is the single biggest contributor to your performance on paid social. That’s why we built Nest Studio. Let us give your brand a creative edge.

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