LeMieux is one of the fastest growing equestrian brands globally. Co-founded by a former Olympian, the Hampshire-based enterprise achieved a turnover exceeding £42 million in the year to April 2023 after nearly doubling its sales in the previous two years through increased investment and their deep expertise around equestrian customers and the market. 

To reach the next level of growth in 2023, LeMieux needed to expand internationally into new territories including the US alongside broadening its product range. LeMieux had pursued an aggressive online growth strategy to achieve their initial success by capturing existing demand at the bottom of the funnel but expansion into a large new territory such as the US without the base level of brand awareness amongst a fresh target audience, meant a change in digital marketing approach was needed. 

Nest helped the brand pivot their strategic and creative approach in digital marketing to launch successfully in the States. This required a fresh approach to creative production to generate demand for LeMieux products at the top of the funnel as the new US target audience had low awareness of the brand.


Nest’s creative experts helped LeMieux build on their strong foundation in this area by adapting their existing high quality videos and optimising them to showcase their premium equestrian wear to those that don’t know the brand, particularly on Meta and YouTube. 

LeMieux had strong confidence in this new go to market approach as they had seen a base level of organic demand from the United States, so they knew they had product market fit and have a strong history in being able to convert demand once generated through a strong digital marketing acquisition plan. They needed Nest’s expertise in executing this strategy, and supporting their already stretched internal marketing team, to drive quick results and sales. Specifically our creative experts at Nest Studio produced top-of-funnel videos leveraging LeMieux’s existing high-quality assets, which showcased the brand whilst also making new creative assets for the more bottom-of-funnel and conversion led activity.

LeMieux won the Digital Marketing Grand Prix with its new approach which outperformed previous iterations with 33% higher ROAS.

And the growth has been significant. Nest’s full-funnel creative strategy has accelerated both backend revenue and reach on social, largely driven by a rising presence in international markets. Critically, the collaboration led to an 10x increase in LeMieux investment in Meta and YouTube, significantly boosting the effectiveness and visibility of the brand’s content on key platforms.

With Nest’s support, we’ve reinvented our paid social strategy, transitioning from a performance-focus to a dynamic, full-funnel approach. This shift has not only amplified our brand presence but also helped us grow our revenue and reach new customers.

Shaun Loughlin
Head of Ecommerce at LeMieux

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