What do you do when your best-performing growth channel stops working due to an algorithm update?

Nadine Merabi’s trajectory to becoming a multi-million dollar fashion brand picked up speed in 2021. The brand’s organic Instagram growth strategy capitalised on the feed, reliably driving sales from their loyal audience. This strategy delivered rapid growth for the brand, until it stopped working.

What happened? Repeat updates to Instagram’s algorithm, with the aim of prioritising Reels over feed, upended this strategy. With the feed becoming more geared towards discovery, ads were becoming more important for driving consistent sales.

This shift meant that Nadine Merabi needed a killer ads strategy to regain their reach.

Additionally, the US was a big growth market for the retailer, and it had set its sights on conquering the competitive North American fashion market.


With a clear vision to get the retailer back into growth, Nest deployed a full-funnel advertising strategy, integrating successful brand and performance campaigns across Meta and Google.

This strategy’s impressive performance enabled us to scale spend by 61% during our first six months working together – instilling confidence for the retailer to double their budget for the competitive peak season.

Simultaneously, we implemented a US strategy built from our experience scaling some of the UK’s top fashion brands into the American market. First, we honed in on the brand’s best performing regions on the East and West Coasts, and then widened the brand’s reach from there with a strong emphasis on brand building. 

Nadine Merabi is now resuming its growth trajectory, with a marketing strategy that’s amplifying the brand’s presence on both sides of the Atlantic. After a successful Q4, the retailer is planning to launch pop-up stores across the UK and US.

We chose Nest for their specialism and unrivalled expertise in paid social and paid search for fashion ecommerce brands

Samantha Mccreight
Senior Acquisition Manager at Nadine Merabi

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