In 2020, the direct-to-consumer (D2C) company was looking to maximise performance on Facebook and Instagram but found it challenging to scale on the platform whilst also keeping CPAs low and a profitable ROAS due to a complex account structure, with varying product types, price points and markets.


Nest began with an in-depth audit before restructuring the account. This meant setting up robust testing methodologies with multiple approaches to creative and audiences to analyse what worked most effectively.

November and December are key months for Papier, with the Christmas shopping season running alongside the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. To ensure campaigns were fully optimised throughout this busy period, Nest ran a series of creative and copy tests, along with temporary promotions, in the build-up to November to successfully launch their most effective ad sets.

With experience in leveraging the benefits of Facebook’s dynamic ad products, Nest tested different formats, which helped lower CPA and boost ROAS through dramatically increasing ad relevancy.

This intensive groundwork enabled the team to maximise performance over the peak period and then continue to scale dramatically, increasing budgets by 144% in December compared to October. This also improving CPA and ROAS targets, making Facebook and Instagram one of Papier’s fastest growing and best performing channels.

In just 5 months Nest helped Papier up spend 11X whilst decreasing CPAs by 20% and significantly increasing purchases by 14x. The team also launched the company successfully into two new markets, the US and Australia, replicating their effective, tried-and-tested strategies from UK campaigns.


increase in ROAS


higher spend


CPA decrease


increase in purchases

The team at Nest completely understood our wider business objectives and could align campaigns to make sure we hit them

Taymoor Atighetchi
CEO and Founder at Papier

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