Nest set up Seraphine’s accounts to reach broad audiences with dynamic ads, target cross-border audiences and ‘Create for Growth’ approaches.

Shortly after our paid social experts started work on Seraphine’s account, turning on several data-matching layers to quickly find their targeted audience of expectant mothers with no manual intervention.

From building a paid social strategy that advances Seraphine’s wider business objectives to managing how the fashion brand’s Facebook accounts are run daily, Nest became an extension of Seraphine’s team from day one.

Nest worked closely with Seraphine’s marketing team and advised on their paid creative strategy and expertly coordinated product launches. Seraphine tested several campaigns by running more emotional narrative-driven video formats alongside purchase-driven collection ads. The success of these campaigns is quickly established through Nest’s methodology of rigorous testing and weekly performance marketing reports that tracked relevant KPIs.


ME+EM looked to Facebook advertising as a channel to supplement the lost sales and reinvested the budget it pulled back from producing catalogues into paid social advertising.

Faced with the challenge of growing ROAS as sales for the ecommerce fashion sector slumped 24%, our paid social experts accelerated plans to launch campaigns in new markets.

To save time to go live, no site localisation was used. Though this was less than perfect, it meant ME+EM were able to quickly take advantage of lower CPMs on Facebook to reach users in new markets.

The new purchase rate for the newly launched worldwide campaign was 97%, lifting the account average well above the historical rate of 66%.

ME+EM was rewarded for increasing spend 77% during the crisis. By replicating best practices it learned from UK and US campaigns in 20 new markets, Nest improved ROAS by 49%, compared to the previous month.

Nest achieved these results despite conversion rates dropping 51% between January to April 2020 due to decreased buying activity across the industry.

ME+EM’s UK campaign benefitted from the global campaign too, and in April, UK campaigns saw a 1.4X increase in ROAS from February. This came as a result of Nest’s new creative strategies, its launch of dynamic product ads, and reduced CPMs on Facebook.

Using Nest to run our Facebook advertising was transformationally better than any other agency or method we’d tried previously

David Williams
CEO at Seraphine

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