Seraphine was looking for a way to scale revenue in global markets.

The fashion brand wanted to drive customer acquisition across European and US markets through Facebook. However, the brand struggled to keep CPA low as Facebook’s advertising costs rose with more competition from advertisers using its platform.

Before working with Nest, Seraphine didn’t believe in Facebook’s ability to find expectant mothers based on its data matching algorithm. The fashion brand instead used manual techniques to find their target audience.


Nest set up Seraphine’s accounts to reach broad audiences with dynamic ads, target cross-border audiences and ‘Create for Growth’ approaches.

Shortly after our paid social experts started work on Seraphine’s account, turning on several data-matching layers to quickly find their targeted audience of expectant mothers with no manual intervention.

From building a paid social strategy that advances Seraphine’s wider business objectives to managing how the fashion brand’s Facebook accounts are run daily, Nest became an extension of Seraphine’s team from day one.

Nest worked closely with Seraphine’s marketing team and advised on their paid creative strategy and expertly coordinated product launches. Seraphine tested several campaigns by running more emotional narrative-driven video formats alongside purchase-driven collection ads. The success of these campaigns is quickly established through Nest’s methodology of rigorous testing and weekly performance marketing reports that tracked relevant KPIs.

Using Nest to run our Facebook advertising was transformationally better than any other agency or method we’d tried previously

David Williams
CEO at Seraphine

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