Following a successful launch and a period of substantial growth in the UK, Wild wanted to maintain this impressive growth trajectory. As a DTC, Wild had primarily leveraged Facebook to reach new customers but there were signs that the cost-effectiveness of paid social was decreasing.

Wild required a strategy to maintain their momentum efficiently. As their Facebook CPA had risen from £3 to £10, they needed it implemented quickly.

Wild chose Nest because of their experience scaling ecommerce brands into new global markets. Wild were interested in exploiting the top-down market entry process that Nest had deployed for multiple brands before them.


Nest conducted an operational audit of existing accounts and ad campaigns. Structural changes to the campaigns running resulted in immediate improvements to Wild’s CPA.

With a new account structure in place, Nest focused on improving the performance of Wild’s creative assets on social, using Nest Studio. This winning combination of account consolidation and asset optimisation led to significant improvements in key performance metrics.

The impact of these changes meant Wild regained efficiencies in growing their UK business whilst staying under a £10 CPA target. This gave Wild the confidence to consider pushing the business beyond the UK.

Our paid social experts used a proprietary cross-border strategy to launch Wild into 34 new markets across the United States, Europe and Australia. Wild was able to capitalise on Nest’s local market knowledge to tailor proposition, ad copy and creative to each market to give the best chance of initial success.

For their product, it was critical to adjust the tone and language of Wild’s USPs in non-English speaking countries to hit the right triggers for each local audience.

With careful monitoring and benchmarking against Wild’s existing UK performance data and Nest’s aggregated country-specific data, Nest unlocked unprecedented growth for Wild, demonstrated by the brand’s YoY revenue with sales driven primarily by paid social. It is now one of the fastest-growing retailers in the UK.


new markets


lower CPA


increased geographic reach

Nest has been pivotal in growing us from a UK DTC into a global brand

Charlie Bowes-Lyon
Co-Founder and CMO at Wild

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